The Great Lost Bear was…well…pretty damn good.


There’s something about every good restaurant that I absolutely love. It doesn’t matter the size, the price, or what type of people go there. There’s always that one thing that just keeps me wanting to go back. At the GLB, it’s the beer. And it’s not just that they have regular beer events (like the craft beer showcase every Thursday) or that they have over 50 taps to keep your whistle wet. What makes the GLB’s beer selection special is that for a copper piece less than a modern-day stripper tip, you can get a 16 oz can of any one of five old school brews. That’s right, for a buck ninety-nine you get your choice of Schlitz, PBR, Narragansett, Ballantine, or Rolling Rock.

After deciding on a Ballantine – which I found out was my maternal grandfather’s favorite beer when he was alive – we scoured the menu for the best “I’ve had a bad week and I’m not killing it with whiskey” food. The GLB’s menu is several pages long and includes plenty of comfort food, healthier selections, and a significant collection of nachos which is sure to meet all your chipy, cheesy needs. They even have an item named after my hometown – the Lewiston Cheesesteak which is made with French herb cheese (for my millions of readers across the globe, Lewiston has a healthy population of French Canadians – including myself back in the day).

With extensive discussion and thourough perusal of the menu, my wife decided on the Dixie Chicken, a fried BBQ chicken sandwich which came with potato-slice shaped fries as an option. Since nachos are my favorite bar food, I went for the Spiro T. Nachos which are topped with tomatoes, chicken, feta, and just less than a truckload of cheddar cheese. Upon recieving our food, which looked delicious, I realized that I would undoubtedly end up as a cheese-laden mess without the proper napkins to cover myself. When the waitress walked by, I asked for, and promptly recieved a small stack of napkins. Of course, when she left again, I also realized that I had forgotten to ask for jalapenos on my nachos – the requirement to get them on there. So I caught her again and quickly recieved a sufficient bowl of those too. My unplanned service test was officially passed.

The food was very good. The meals were filling and definitely worth it for the price. Our two meals, a beer, and a soda came out to just a hair over 25 smackers. The service was solid. I’ve been to the GLB several times at least, but it makes me wonder why I don’t go more. I suppose it’s because it’s not in the Old Port which is usually where I end up. But nonetheless, it’s a solid standby for a random night outing – with or without drinks. It was a quiet night with just a quick meal and a beer, but I’ll go for wilder times on my next visit which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

Final thoughts – You had me at eight types of nachos and five pounders under two bucks.

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2 thoughts on “The Great Lost Bear was…well…pretty damn good.

  1. Ray

    Great column, Pete! I’m glad to see that your love of food (and more importantly, your love of telling people about the food you eat) has found a home! Am I correct in assuming that a post on the Catbird Creamery is already in the works?


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