Restaurant Week – It’s what’s for dinner

Have you taken part in Maine Restaurant Week? Started in 2009 as a way of drumming up winter business for independent, locally-owned restaurants, Maine Restaurant Week provides a great way to try new restaurants while supporting the local economy. This year, it starts on March 1st and runs through March 10th.

Most restaurants that take part in Maine Restaurant Week will have 3 course dinners available at a fixed price ($22, $32, or $42) and others will do something a little different. Some will offer a fixed price lunch, some will have special menu items available, and some will stray from the standard fixed prices above or the 3 course meal.

Go to for all the details and be sure to try out a new place to add to your “go-to” list. Also, check out my review of Bonobo (link below), one of the many restaurants in Portland that will be taking part in this great event. If you don’t live in Portland, don’t worry. There are restaurants all around the state that are participating.

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