Catbird Creamery Update – Cake Boss: Westbrook, ME


Last year when I was writing up my first annual Eating Portland, Maine awards and choosing Catbird Creamery as my restaurant of the year, I knew they would only continue to astonish and amaze everyone who went there – including myself.  I haven’t been disappointed as I’ve literally sent dozens of people there and not one has expressed anything but complete and utter joy as a result.

Culinary creator of creamy confections Andrew Warren continues to produce the finest ice cream related products in a DaVinci-like manner, offering nothing but world-class treats. And now, like a gift from the heavens, he has begun serving up ice cream cakes. Considering my fondness for their everyday products, it didn’t seem unlikely to me that I might enjoy eating an entire cake stuffed with Catbird ice cream.

Months before my birthday, my wife and I started planning the cake I would get. This would be a birthday present to remember. My first requirement was Furious George ice cream and my second was something peanut buttery. Other than that, I was ready for whatever my wife thought of and whatever the creamery wizard concocted. My wife said she had ideas and I wasn’t worried. She’s got my back.

I anxiously awaited my birthday and when it came time to order my cake, Mrs. Portlandeater put in the call. A few days later, we headed over to pick it up. Despite my desire to see and eat it right away, it was nicely packaged in a box with ribbon around it. We flew home as fast as we could, opened the box, and the cake was well wrapped inside with plastic and paper. After taking the paper out, the plastic still prevented us from seeing it. I clenched my fist in anger and then threw it in the freezer until we were ready to eat.

After a few hours of the cake chilling, we had a couple friends come over to share it with us. We pulled it out of the freezer and finally unwrapped it. It was like a giant cookie sandwich with a chocolaty center. My wife had ordered chocolate peanut butter cake with Furious George and Strawberry Balsamic ice creams. On the outside were honey roasted peanuts and chocolate chunks. We began the process of cutting slices which wasn’t particularly easy, but I was committed to my wife getting through it so I could eat.

With four pieces of cake ready to go, we all dug in. Yowza! The cake was a dense, brownie-like, and de-lish. The ice cream combo only added to the greatness and the angry monkey left a little bit of fire in the back following the icey front-end. One party member was heard saying “This might be the best dessert I’ve ever had.” Yes, It was great, and everyone was nearly experiencing rapture through it. If we weren’t going out to dinner right after, I probably would’ve eaten half a cake myself.

Catbird’s cakes are to die for – bakery masterpieces that are worth every penny. Even if you don’t need a cake, you should just get one anyway. I can’t think of any good reason not to get one unless you have a cake allergy. I’m definitely going to be getting more in the future and probably not that far in the future. In fact, I’ve got an event coming up for which I will definitely need a Catbird Creamery cake. It’s called Tuesday.

Stay hungry.

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