​Davis’s KPT – A Kennebunkport Lunch to Celebrate Independence

My wife and I took another trip down the coast to explore and enjoy the ocean views in other parts of the state and celebrate the holiday weekend. Ready to eat when we got to Kennebunkport, we stopped at David’s KPT – the last of the David’s series of restaurants I had yet to try. It was another perfect Maine day with birds chirping, people smiling, and little fish jumping in the water, so the only real option was to sit outside and enjoy the waterfront views the restaurant had to offer. We sat ourselves in a shady area on the deck and waited a short time for someone to stop by our table.

After a few minutes, one of waiters graced us with menus and a greeting. He walked away and I skipped over to the mixed drinks – separated on the menu by the headings “on the rocks” and “straight up”. I was looking for something light and free and was nudged by the Jalapeno Fauxjito – jalapeno infused tequila, cucumber puree, lime juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Mrs. Portlandeater was in an “it’s summer, so let’s party like we’re having a baby on our anniversary” sort of mood, but still ordered a drink from her wheelhouse, choosing the Sangria – merlot, orange liquor, brandy, orange juice.
Our drinks took a little while as the service wasn’t particularly fast, but not outrageously slow either – more just “relaxed”. It was hard to complain though as we weren’t feeling any pressure to order quickly and the weather was enough to keep us captivated. When the drinks did make an appearance, mine was a glowing green with a slice of lemon hanging from it. My wife’s had a triple fruit of lemon, lime, and orange surrounding the rim. I was curious what I had gotten myself into as I’m not always a fan of green drinks. A simple straw slurp set in motion a series of flavor fireworks in my brain. As the drink hit my tongue, I found the heat of the pepper, the cool of the  cucumber, and a bit of sweet and tart citrus blend. Every flavor was distinct and though the drink was somewhat spicy, it was oddly wonderful as the other flavors melted into it.

The laid back atmosphere of the restaurant rubbed off on us and we took our time. Finally, we did decide what would pair well with our drinks and the sun. It turned out that the obvious choice of seafood was where it was at. She went with the Classic Fish & Chips – haddock, fries, slaw, and tartar sauce. I chose the David’s Crab Roll – Maine peekytoe crab, butter toasted roll, mayo, potato chips – and took the standard half size with the idea that I might want to get something else after. We finished ordering and happily basked in the sun, smiling from ear to ear because we were enjoying the water, weather, and the people frolicking about.
Before the food we ordered arrived, we were lucky to have a basket of four fresh-out-of-the-oven garlic, parmesan, and rosemary knots placed in front of us. Those bad boys, known by all who visit the David’s restaurants, are quite a  joy to eat and we did just that as we waited for our other food. I popped three of them into my face as I dreamed of growing a garlic knot tree so I would never, ever run out of the too-damn-tasty balls of breaded bliss.
All the knots were finished as we relaxed and waited for more food. Plates of succulent seastuffs eventually made their way toward the table and I was ready to peer into the soul of my crab. Chips, roll, pickle, and lemon sat on the plate from left to right. The crab roll had a minimalist bed of shredded lettuce on the bottom and a swirl of mayo on top. It was an unusual mayo placement and as I was eyeing it, my wife asked “does that swirl bother you?” I replied in the negative as I took my knife and smeared it all along the top of the crab, giving it the mayo mush it needed. I opened my mouth in a way that signified my independence and took a bite. I was free for sure – free from bad crab, free from a soft untoasted bun, and free from anything that didn’t taste like one of the best sandwiches I’d had in some time. This thing was truly delicious and the meat tasted like it had been plucked that very day.
In addition to the awesome crab roll with just the right amount of mayo, I was pleased to have a substantial pile of house-made chips which were really crispy and salty. The perfect mate for my roll, they let out an audible snap with every bite. As I slowed down my consumption just to savor my vittles a little longer, I looked over at my wife about 18 inches away and saw that she seemed to be doing well with her food. Her fish and different kind of chips looked beautiful with a handsome pile of slaw and a friendly cup of tartar next to them.

I finished my food and was offered a sample of the fish and chips. I tried them and was particularly impressed by the fish which was tasty, fried to the perfect crunchy texture, and also as fresh as could be. The tartar sauce was particularly good too with intense flavor and an unusual addition of some seeds to the mayo based fish enhancer. The accompanying chips/freedom fries were quite solid. We consumed everything, leaving nothing for the birds, bees, or any other hungry scavengers which may have been nearby.
With nothing to eat left on the table and my drink finished, I decided I wasn’t done yet and realized I would be letting America down if I didn’t consume until I felt like a hot air balloon ready to pop. “I need dessert,” I told my wife and commandeered a menu so I could take matters of excess into my own chubby hands. As I was scanning the desserts, I remembered from the previous menu that the cheesecake of the day was Vanilla Honey with graham cracker crust. I was prepared to eat that. At the urging of the wife, I also flipped the desert menu over and considered an after dinner drink. While choosing any one would have been great, I decided to maximize my fun by selecting a flight of three, going with Courviosier V.S. cognac, Sandeman 10 Year Tawny port, and Lustau Amontillado sherry. I rarely have an after dinner drink, but I was creating my own Fourth of July festival.
A beautiful plate of cheesecake was presented to me slightly faster than the other food had been coming out. The cake sat on a zigzag of strawberry sauce and next to a scoop of whipped cream that I initially thought was ice cream. A taste of the succulent sweet revealed a great mix of the cheese and sweet flavorings with the cream and strawberry as solid accompanying notes. I loved the chill honey foreground and the subtle vanilla. Not even caring about my drinks to come, I rapidly sucked down the amazing cake, living the American dream one bite at a time.

Several sizable bites of cake made for an empty plate, but now it was time to drink as my three lovely libations were placed directly in front of me. I started from the left as the Couviosier V.S. asked to be consumed. The deep golden colored liquid gave me a hint of wood – clearly from aging in barrels – and some fruit. I also found some vanilla, though that may have been partially left over from the cheesecake. Once that glass was tapped, I dove deep into the Sandeman. The rich, red booze hit me like hard candy –  fruit flavored with hearty, thick sweetness that presented itself more as dessert than drink. I finished by grabbing the Lustau Amontillado sherry which fell into a color I deemed to be a mixture of the previous two drinks. Golden/copper with red overtones, I was ready to down the final post-meal delight. Not as sweet as the port or as woody as the cognac, the sherry had a more easygoing backpack of flavors I found mildly woody, slightly nutty, and a bit of sweet fruit. 

All my tastings were finally done and I was ready to move on from my seat by the water. It was hard to leave such a perfect scene, but we couldn’t stay forever and I was very satisfied; we definitely got plenty of bang for the buck. The meal came to a sunny 78 George Washingtons before tip which was well worth the food, drink, and scenery we were provided. David’s KPT was yummy, fun, and an awesome spot to enjoy a nearly flawless summer day in Maine. The food was insanely fresh and didn’t give the slightest hint of anything not being created that very day. I enjoyed everything we had and left much happier than I walked in. David’s restaurants have never let me down. If you’re in the mood for freedom, independence, and the American way, take a trip to Kennebunkport to flag down David’s KPT and I bet they’ll make you happy too.
Stay hungry.
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