​The first ever Downeast Lobster Roll Festival is almost here

On Saturday, July 8th from noon to 5pm,  the Downeast Lobster Roll Festival will take place at Thompson’s Point in Portland. There`s hardly a better place for it than the seriously up-and-coming site which will feature The World’s Best Lobster Roll Competition, bringing with it the greatest, tastiest lobster sandwiches in the country to determine which is the very best on the planet. 

In case lobster is not enough, rest assured there will be more than just the pride of the Maine seas in store. Live music, games, and lots of other food and drink will be present and available for purchase. Bring the whole family or don’t and just gorge on earth`s favorite consumable crustacean all by yourself.

But about that lobster roll competition…After receiving countless entries, the participants were narrowed down to just 12 finalists who will go head-to-head at the beginning of the day with the winner being announced at 3:30. Of those 12, eight are from ME and four are hoping to upset the locals.

One of the certain favorites in the competition is Bite Into Maine in Cape Elizabeth. Sarah and Karl Sutton, owners of the renowned trailer with stunning ocean views, assume a Maine competitor will win and promise that their entry is “a little out of the box – but not too much”. They look forward to bringing their food and story to more Mainers.

Freshie’s Lobster Co. out of Park City, Utah is one of those from away that has made the final 12. Owners Lorin and Ben Smaha grew up in New England – he in Cape Elizabeth and she in NH – but know they will be at somewhat of a disadvantage. “It seems to me like Mainahs might be more skeptical of us because we are from out of state,” Lauren notes.

Both competitors focus on the classic roll and look forward to sharing their best with the crowd on July 8. I look forward to eating all of them and giving my thoughts on which one truly is the best on earth. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, they start at $10. 

For more information on the Downeast Lobster Roll Festival, go to downeast.com/lobsterroll/. Hope to see you there!

Stay hungry.

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2 thoughts on “​The first ever Downeast Lobster Roll Festival is almost here

  1. Cb

    This festival is the most unorganized cluster The ample parking filled up before 12:15 and there is only one vendor selling lobster rolls so plan on standing in line for a very long time.

  2. Diane

    Shame on you Downeast! For such a unorganized event.Waited in line over 90 minutes to get a lobster roll only to be told to leave immediately.Only one line for the lobster roll,one line for water,one line for drinks.Thats insane!! Rude staff! We’re there to have a fun afternoon and have a lobster roll and didn’t get either!! Would never go to another downeast sponsored event!


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