​Some of the best lobster rolls around now available all year

For me, lobster only in the summer isn’t quite enough. That seems to be the feeling Bite Into Maine’s Sarah Sutton is looking to tap into as she opens Bite Into Maine Commissary at 185 US Rte. 1 in Scarborough tomorrow. The new counter service eatery with a dozen seats will be serving their very popular food truck rolls year round in addition to adding some novel items to the menu.

The location isn’t completely new to Sutton’s business as it’s acted as the kitchen for the food truck service for a while. But with a few renovations, the former prep-only space can now welcome walk-in customers looking for fresh lobster meat smooshed between fresh, doughy housing. Catering and large group orders will also be available.

Added to the standing food truck menu are some new melts without lobster and corn chowder. Still there are all half-dozen varieties of their famous lobster rolls for $17.95 apiece. There’s also clam chowder, sides, drinks, and whoopie pies to round out your lunch. And if you’re really in the spirit, there’s also branded shirts and hats for sale.

As a bit of a lobster purist, my past experiences with BIM only involve eating their Maine style lobster roll with mayo and chives, but the new commissary gave me the opportunity to try something new. After considering Connecticut – warm butter only, chipotle, and curry varieties of the sandwich, I decided wasabi style with “zingy” wasabi mayo was the ticket. I threw in a cup of the corn chowder for good measure.

I took the food to go. Once back at my lair, I dug into my chowder which was full of corn and potatoes. A little hot for my comfort, I put it aside after a couple of bites and moved onto the lobster. My first bite was a whirlwind of pleasure. The wasabi was as perfect as could be – just strong enough that you wouldn’t forget it was there, but not potent enough to cause nasal char.

While the roll was great with wasabi, it wasn’t lost on me that the fresh, sizable pile of lobster still held all its flavor. The combination of the two on a fresh, grilled roll was just brilliant together. I finished the roll, went back to the chowder to finish that, and was pleased with my work on both. It had been a great lunch.

My food came to just under $25 with tax. I couldn’t have been happier. The chowder was fine, but it’s hard to compare it to the extraordinary lobster sandwich that Bite Into Maine is known for. Head there starting tommorow for some of the best lobster around. Go ahead and get one of those whoopie pies while you’re there too. They are a notoriously great way to end a meal packed with Maine’s favorite seafood.

Stay hungry.

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1 thought on “​Some of the best lobster rolls around now available all year

  1. Barbara St.Jean

    We still think that the ‘best lobster roll’ in Maine is to be had at ‘Rowes Afternoon Delite’ in Mexico. Being a ‘Mainah’ you know that Mexico is nowhere near the ocean. That being said, it’s THE best roll anywhere in Maine. Rowes is a roadside stand having the usual fried food plus ice-cream for your dog. We heard about it years ago from an acquaintance that raved about it non-stop. We just ‘knew’ the guy was exaggerating. He wasn’t. It’s been our ‘go to’ lobster roll place ever since. It’s not in the least ‘touristy’ as you’d expect in Mexico….but it’s worth the trip. There are two sizes, small and large. Loving lobster as we do, we always go for the large.


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